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Eye Care

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy


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Taking proper care of your eyes involves more than having your eye exam every year to check that your prescription is still correct. You’ll need to spend some time and money carrying for your eyes—they are, after all, one of your most important senses. A great first step would be to stop skimping on your health and buy designer sunglasses like Dior or Gucci to protect your eyes, and the highest quality contact lenses or eye glasses to help improve your vision.

Eating healthy can also help improve your eye sight and overall eye health. Carrots are known to increase night vision, which in turn helps decrease strain on your eyes. Certain herbs can also improve eye health, but before you start any herbal regime consult an herbalist or doctor to ensure they do not interact with any medications. Eye hygiene is also extremely important. For women, removing eye make up with anything other than eye make up remover is simply dangerous. Constant soap in your eyes is unhealthy and damages your eyelashes, which in turn allow more dust and debris into the eye. You’ll also want to care for your eyes by putting eye drops in them during dry seasons in much the same way you put lotion on dry skin in winter.

Additionally, good eye health includes good habits, like reading in full light and taking care not to stare at the computer screen for long periods of time. You can also improve your eye health by following the doctor’s directions about contact and eyeglasses use, including washing your contacts and glasses, and taking them off for short periods throughout the day for eye exercises.