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The eyes are a part of the body upon which we rely heavily. It is absolutely essential that we give our eyes the best possible care available to us. Once a serious problem arises in the eyes, it can alter ones entire life, and for the rest of one's life.


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It is recommended that even if you do not wear eye glasses and have no apparent eye problems, a periodic eye examination should be done. Children should have an eye examination before they begin school to insure there are no vision problems. Undetected vision problems in children have a great impact on the way they can or cannot learn.

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If you discover that you need eye glasses, please do all that you can do to arrange to get them. It is so essential for your overall health to have glasses and wear them as prescribed when you find that this is necessary.

Besides, in this day and age, there are so many wonderful and beautiful glasses from which to chose, it can be a very exciting time to go eye glass shopping to find the pair that looks just right on you. Good luck.


There are times when even infants need to be examined. If a parent notices that a child is not tracking the movements of a toy in front of their eyes, this could indicate a serious problem.

If a child is delayed in other forms of development, i.e. walking, it is altogether possible that the child may not be walking because of a vision problem. Children as young as two to three years old have had eye glasses prescribed for them because of early detection of eye problems.

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It is the case that many children need eye glasses, just walk into any classroom and see how many are wearing them. Sadly though, there are many children who need eye glasses who are not getting them. In areas where there is little money within the family unit, something like a pair of glasses would be considered a luxury.

The technical definition of "spectacles, " or "glasses" today are that they are frames that hold lenses which are then placed in front of a person's eyes to aid in correcting vision, in protecting the eyes from harm or to guard against ultraviolet radiation or all three at once. Given the development of fashion, it should all be said that some are worn strictly for fashion purposes nowadays.